Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Vegas re-visited.

Words to sum up the weekend in Vegas:
Blank Blank in the G.A.
The Vegas trip was successful. Just not the weather. Booo! 100 degrees before we left. 60 degrees while we were there. Although the last day we got sun and 80s, so we took advantage of that by laying by the pool for 8 hours. Kyle couldn't make it on the trip because he was sick, real sick. So Kelly, Sarah and I had a girls only weekend. We had some laughs, lots of shopping, a Second City show (PAIN!) and some slot machines. Oh and we ate dinner at the Bellagio, one table away from Khloe Kardashian!
It went by all too quickly. This will be my last hurrah for awhile, now that i am a responsible homeowner. eeek.


Heather said...

1. Poor Kyle.
2. Who is that person reading a book on Tom Cruise?
3. Hot girls in dresses.
4. Dentist?
Glad you're back!

...sensible of shoe said...

Khloe is the one who looks like the dude, right?

You are very cryptic in your summary. I like that, it's my job to imagine what really happened. But seriously it would not kill you to post an actual pic of yourself on vacay.

Sabrina said...

M--Yeah I guess Khloe is kinda man-ish.. but she is super thin in real life!
I am cryptic. I like to keep em' guessing.

H--That is Vlach of Love reading Tom Cruise smut.

Heather said...

I do recognize this Vlach of Love you speak of. I like to make fun of Cruise fever. Yesterday I wore pants just like some I saw Katie H wearing in a mag-in honor of the Vlachster.

k & k said...

Heather if you indeed now have Posh hair we should totally hang out and eat some lettuce leaves together or something.

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