Thursday, May 8, 2008

It's been awhile...

I haven't blogged in a few days. I'm consumed by house buying and house packing. Signing my life away and not freaking out. And really, i just know everything is going to be ok. It will won't it?
Which reminds me of my journal from last year. I re-read it last night. Oh boy it was painful to read. I forget how sad and heartbroken I was. Good Grief. or I guess I should say, Bad Grief.
But i wrote this line, "It won't always be like this, will it?" I had one ounce of tiny hope that kept me from drowning by trying to believe that really it wouldn't always hurt that bad.
and Yes, Sabrina there really is a healing God. (that's my spin on Yes Virginia, there really is a santa claus)
I can safely and confidently say that i am in a far better place then I was a year ago. I truly am happy and content, albeit a bit freaked out about being a homeowner, but that is a good thing.
Just thought i would share.
I also thought i would share this blog that i totally get. I share a lot of the same thoughts and feelings as this person... Check it out:
Funny, truthful, slightly offensive. Basically, everything i like about Christianity.

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Heather said...

isn't jon the prodigal a hoot? I love the facebook one too. and the one from awhile ago about clapping in church. great sense of humor.

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