Saturday, April 26, 2008


I don't know what is happening but i have majorly been slacking on the blog-ola. The last 3 days I have hardly even looked at my blog... even at work when i get bored. I guess I'm just busy at work, or I have other things on my mind. Nevertheless, This is what i have been up to:
Wednesday night, Shannon, Ellen, Kelly and I went to a Shecky's Girl's Night Out event at the MPLS Depot. There we were treated to complimentary cocktails sponsored by various companies including Midori or as Kelly called them McDorky's. There were tons of jewelry, clothes, purses, shoes... a girly girls heaven. We even got some SWAG with a goodie bag full of fun things.

I took Thursday off and my plans were to go to the Russian Museum of Art to see the Impressionist exhibit, but it didn't work out. Instead I had the inspection for my house. Which lasted a whopping four hours! But the inspector was very thorough and showed me every little detail of my home. And despite a few minor things to repair\look into, he declared it a very nice house! To which I then said to him, "Are you sure there is nothing MAJORLY wrong with it???" translation: Please tell me there is something horribly wrong so i can back out now!
But he assured me that it was all good. SO i guess I'm really going to be a homeowner. I found myself getting panicky thinking, what have i got myself into??? But then i just thought of having a place of my own and having a place where people could come over anytime and i could entertain to my little heart's content. Because really that is what i want my home to be, a place where everyone feels welcomed, loved and well fed!

Friday was really sweet because my supervisor gave me a beautiful Azalea plant and balloon for Secretary's Day. Because although i just tell people that i am a Librarian for a living, my true title is Media Center Clerk. nerd.
Once work was done i was planning to go home and relax but decided to bring my favorite Shrimp and Scallop stew with Israeli Cous Cous over to Kyle and Kelly's. Kyle said earlier, Oh wow, the Cous Cous is bringing some cous cous. get it?
Kelly was in full prep mode for her dinner party tonight (can't wait, yumyumyum) so i was happy to bring a meal over. Serendipity struck when Kelly overcooked the pie, because then we HAD to eat it and it was goood. Well Kyle and i thought it was pretty good since we almost ate the whole thing! Kelly and I set the table and decided to invite a special guest to dine with us... Dwight Schrute.

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Brian said...

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