Free Movies Rock!

Tonight I just got back from a steller night out! Last week, my friend Megan sent me word that you could score free passes to the movie Juno. I had been seeing previews and I really wanted to go. Plus the writer, Diablo Cody, is from Minnesota, so you know that there was going to be a lot of MN references, and there was!!! I met Shannon after work and we did some uptown shopping before dinner. We both bought scarves and headed over to Chino Latino. There we met up with Ellen. We sampled some really fun drinks with some very interesting names!!! Shannon's drink came with these fruity vials to mix into her drink. Tre cool!
Along with the fun drinks we shared a couple of apps. Before we knew it, it was time to head over to the Lagoon to meet up with Megan. The place was packed, because it was first come first serve only. Luckily we were in right away, found some good seats and enjoyed the show.

It really was a great movie, witty humor, and YES! lots of MN city references! Plus at the end of the show we all received Juno T-shirts! How fab! I love a good dinner and a movie!
And if that wasn't enough, after all the hoopla I went home to see who won the title of America's Next Top Model. Well Kelly and i picked the right girl from the start... cause we're good like that. The prize: A dinner for the three of us at Chambers in Minneapolis. Posh Posh! More fun and frivolity continues tomorrow....


Bonnie said…
i'm jealous! i love chino latino and the movie sounds like fun! cool cool
Fun times! I loved Rain Wilson's cameo!
Anonymous said…
Oh, superfluous and sensible of shoe... you guys must be kindred spirits. Half the time I don't have a clue who or what you are talking about! Rain Wilson? Maybe it's a MN thing..?
Anonymous said…
Oh, I bet you mean Rainn Dietrich Wilson, who lives in Los Angeles with his wife, fiction writer Holiday Reinhorn (Big Cats), and his son, Walter Mckenzie Wilson who was born in 2004. I know THAT Rainn Wilson.
Gracie said…
I heard that this was a great movie. Call me sounds like a fantastic time!!

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