Saturday, October 20, 2007

Snakes and Fire, Oh My!

Well I did it! They say that everyday you should do something you're afraid of, or do something you fear. Whatever the saying is, not only did I do one monumental thing i am afraid of, but two!!!
I didn't plan for either of these things to happen. I didn't wake up this week thinking, "Hey God, please let me tackle my 2 biggest fears." But when you least expect it, life hands you the opportunity to face what you're afraid of, and you can either run away or face it head on.
So when i needed to use my stove top, I found that both pilot lights were out. I knew that one was out, pretty much since I've lived here. But i was very content working with 2 burners, even if it was a hassle and i really need 3 to cook on. Nonetheless, I needed to use a burner and to my shock the last pilot light was out. Now I have never lit a pilot light. What I really fear is being started on fire, and pilot lights have the makings of a big explosion. I stood there in my kitchen for about 10 minutes... agonizing over what to do. I kept lifting up the stove top and peeking in, secretly hoping that it would magically light. No luck. So I just bit the bullet, lit a match, held my breath and lowered the flame to the pilot light and and and... a small tinsy flicker of flame appeared! No big explosion, nothing that singed my eyelashes, nor did I catch on fire. And then... I repeated the same actions to the second pilot. And... I lived!

and if that wasn't earth shattering enough...
I went out to my parents house to help them paint some rooms. And when I was done, and walked outside to get some fresh air... low and behold there was a snake! Now I hate snakes, not just dislike, but i am passionately and crazily afraid of them. I have been that way since i was a little girl. Having fears that they are going to chase me down and eat me! So here I am standing out side and there is a snake, just lazily lying in the sun. And it hit me, there is nothing this snake can do to hurt me. And in one bold move, I bent down, and I touched it! And guess what? Nothing happened to me! The snake just slithered away... and i watched it go... no longer afraid.
Now don't get me wrong, I still don't want to burn up, nor be covered in snakes. But I am one step closer to putting some fears aside and being free! What an amazing feeling!
After the snake incident i took a walk down by the lake in the woods, wearing my most favorite pink rubber boots!! I was mostly on a mission to find some black walnuts to harvest. But it was also so beautiful and the woods seemed so inviting. I did find some walnuts, but unfortunately they were starting to rot. I also found some interesting mushrooms, I mean I have never seen an Orange mushroom! Strange. I wonder if they are edible? I love the woods... so much beauty and life. How amazing God's creations are! How blessed I am to witness it all.
Last night I had a wonderfully fun time with Ellen. She treated me to dinner at Bar Abilene, for helping her move. We had yummy margaritas and holy moly guacamole, made fresh at our table! We also saw the movie\documentary, My Kid Could Paint That. Very interesting...
Um, and Ellen saved me when I didn't have enough cash to pay for parking. She's a nice girl.

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