Wednesday, July 18, 2007

B-3 Organs are amazing!

Last night I went to the Artists' Quarter in Downtown St. Paul. I hadn't been there in years so it was great to get back there. An old boyfriend of mine used to take me there on Tuesday nights for the B-3 Organ Night and we'd sit in the corner and drink martinis. I guess we thought we were pretty chic. Then afterwards we would walk over to Mickey's Diner for fries. Those were some fun and carefree days of my life. Everything was about staying out late and running around town. I'm sure I had things going on in my life that were stressful, but I don't really remember anything... I just remember good times with a cool boy. So anyway, it was nice to get back to the Artists' Quarter and listen to some great music. It's so nice and chill there, and an organ never sounded cooler. Sarah and I then walked over to Mickey's Diner for burgers and fries. I love being out late in the city on a Tuesday night and I really don't want this vacation to end!

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