Tuesday, February 16, 2016


I randomly came across a folder of old photos. Nothing too exciting, so I decided to post my favorites.

I think this was in an old issue of Domino. I so badly wanted to recreate this tree!

French Pear Tart, AKA, the tart that gets you a husband.

I painted a wall in my dining room hot pink!!! Totally the wrong paint and the wrong color I wanted, but it was fun. who cares!

Back when everything was so pretty and girly...


Noir, the Wonder Cat!

I'm Chuck Bass

My House!!! The house I bought as a single lady. Thanks Beyoncé.

My peonies!

My Grandma on her wedding day

We weren't even dating yet!!!

My glorious patio

The hammock!

Sia!!  Before she hid her face! Awesome concert.

Meeting Everett... On Mother's Day!

Happy Family

My little elf

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