Thursday, July 2, 2015

First Birthday Invitations + Minted

We have an almost one year old in the house! Little Finnley Parker will soon be One in August! This past year has just flown by and it's so crazy to think that at this time last summer I was hugely pregnant and so ready to meet our little Finners.

I've been planning and thinking about having a little party for Finn, and as a family, we have come up with some fun ideas. The older boys think Finn would like to celebrate at Chuck E. Cheese's, but I have to remind them that the party if for Finn and not them.

When planning a party, of course you need some invitations! So when I was contacted by Minted to check out their Kids Birthday Party Invitations, I totally jumped at the chance. I've used Minted before for Christmas Cards and I absolutely love their designs and the quality is very nice. They also have beautiful art work too, which I happen to have a couple of art pieces from them as well.

There were so many cute invitations to choose from, it was hard to narrow down which ones I loved the best. But here are a few of my favorites...

Tea Party With Animals Children's Birthday Party Invitations

This Guy Children's Birthday Party Invitations

Octo Kiss Children's Birthday Party Invitations

We Survived Year One Children's Birthday Party Invitations

Garland Celebration Children's Birthday Party Invitations

Colorful One Children's Birthday Party Invitations

Barnyard Crew Children's Birthday Party Invitations

The Sweetest Circus On Earth! Children's Birthday Party Invitations

See!! So cute! And so hard to choose just one design. I want them all!!!!  

We are so excited to celebrate our little Finn! He is such a sweetie pie, and deserves a really special day. 

Almost one! 

*I was contacted by Minted to write about their Kid's Invitations, I was not compensated monetarily, but I was offered credit to their store. 

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vmichelle said...

First birthdays are so special (if you're like me and blubber like an idiot because your baby is turning one!). And these invitations are all so cute. Curious which one you pick. I always ask moms what theme their birthday parties had because I just love hearing about it. I don't care if they're fresh or well-worn, to me it's all just fun.

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