Thursday, August 21, 2014


 I never thought I would take such a long break from blogging. I stopped posting right after January of this year and never got back to it. Mostly because I was pregnant, tired, busy, and chasing around two toddlers. I'm not even sure if I'll continue to blog regularly from now on, but I wanted to share a few things going on before I signed off again.

On August 1, we welcomed out newest addition to the family...

  Finnley Parker! 

He is such a sweet, easy going baby so far. A great eater and sleeper too! We are slowly adjusting to having another baby in the family. The big boys are too busy to really care a whole lot, and they are pretty good about playing together.  One more week and Tim goes back to work. He's had the whole summer off, so I think him going back to work will be the biggest adjustment of all.  Everett starts preschool in a few weeks and we are trying to shape up a calender of toddler\baby classes and mom groups to keep us all busy. 

Deacon  the sweetie pie

Everett the wild man

Summer is coming to an end and even with a new baby, we are trying to stay as busy and have as much fun as possible. I'll try to be better about blogging in the future. But for now we are off another adventure. 

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K and/or K said...

Love these 3 little dudes to pieces!!! Welcome back to blogland!

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