Monday, September 2, 2013

Farewell to Summer

The summer is un-officially over now. Once Labor Day hits, I feel that Summer is over. The weather may stay nice and it might feel like summer, but it's really back to business as usual. It turned out to be a really fun summer, which I didn't think was possible with an infant and a toddler. But we did a lot of fun things and kept our sanity. Win!

Here are a few Highlights of our summer...

  • Popsicles on the deck
  • Piya's Birthday at the Fair
  • Playdates with friends
  • Trips to the Park
  • Everett's first haircut
  • July 4th Hotel Staycation with the Vlachs
  • Movie Wednesdays for Kids
  • Como Zoo
  • MN Landscape Arboretum
  • MN Children's Museum
  • Annual Trip to Michigan
  • Boat Rides
  • Petting Zoo
  • Swimming in Hotel Pools
  • Beach fun
  • Lunch at Cossetta's for Pizza
  • Snuffy's Malt Shop
  • A'Maze'N Farmyard
  • Peppermint Twist
  • Library
  • Picnics with Grandma & Grandpa Robideau
  • Fun with Grandma & Grandpa Singer-Towns
  • Ponderosa (or as we call it Ponderrhea)
  • Dance Parties
For Labor Day we are visiting my parents at their campsite and a day at the beach. Then tomorrow it's back to school for my husband (lame) and time for me to get back on schedule. September brings a couple of special birthdays, Apple Picking Festivals, Craft Fairs, Nickle Dickle Days (yes, you read that right), ECFE classes, MOPS, Garage Sale Days, Junk Bonanza, and cooler weather. 

Farewell Summer, you never cease to amaze me. 

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K and/or K said...

I love that we got to be part of these memories! It was a fabulous summer indeed. What is Nickle Dickle Days? Sounds right up my alley! He he.

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