Sunday, July 7, 2013

4th of July Frolics

We had busy days leading up to the Fourth. Baby shower, cousin park outings, visits from former co-workers with baby in tow, BBQ with my besties from high school and a hotel stay with the Vlachs on the 4th. 

Photo Credit: Elward Photography
Everett and Teddy, cousins on the move

Piya, Kelly & Everett
Photo credit: vlach photography
Who forgets their camera when the boys have their first hotel outing and pool experience? this girl.  

Overall the boys did great sleeping in the hotel room with us, but they had the most fun in the pool. Deacon was in his element and Everett was brave jumping off the side of the pool. One of my biggest fears are my kids being afraid of the water. We are mermaids... mer-MAN, mer-MAN!

Happiest Baby on the Block
P.S. shortly after this pic was taken, he had a huge diaper blow out. It was so bad, I had to cut the onesie off of him.
No big deal.

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K and/or K said...

The 4th was FUN!

Deacon is a HAM!

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