Burlap & Stencil Chair

Whenever I see a sad, ugly chair at a garage sale or thrift store, I scoop it up. I love a good underdog story and I'm determined with a little TLC to make these chair shine!

This chair had great bones, but just needed a fresh coat of paint and a serious fabric upgrade. It's not heinous, but it kind of screams Grandma's House.

I pulled off the old fabric and covered the chair with burlap. Then I made a stencil and added  one of my favorite numbers. Very simple and I loved how it turned out.

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Unknown said…
This is so great! I LOVE the stencil!

Okay, have we already had the conversation about how I have that same fabric that I will be making curtains from for my bedroom?

If so, sorry.

If not, I do. : )


P.S. I haven't started going through links yet, but if you haven't linked up your pretty chair redo at Feature Friday FREE-FOR-ALL for this week, would you?


It rocks!: )
i like it- it's simple and sweet!
Kristina P. said…
I so wish I had your talent.
Cynthia said…
Your chair is so pretty now! I love rescuing old chairs, too. Those kind are my favorite, because the seats are so easy to redo and the fabric you choose always has such a great impact on the finished product. That one has really nice lines, and I love the carvings.
K and/or K said…
Is this cousin Isla's special chair?
SkinnyMeg said…
So chic! I love burlap on chairs!
Anonymous said…
Wasn't No. 7 the name of the donkey on Grizzly Adams???

guess who......
Sabrina said…
Dear Anonymous,

You are right, No. 7 was the name of Grizzly Adam's donkey.

As far as who you are... ???
Unknown said…
I think you should make one for me. :) My crafty quota has been reached for the month of April.
Beth said…
I have a sewing rocker in this same style but with even sadder (uglier) looking velour fabric. I really need to do something like this with it. This is MUCH prettier!
Love your chair, and love the stencil on it. Love anything burlap and double delight when it is stenciled with a number. Thanks for sharing at Sunday's Best.
Unknown said…
SUPER Cute! Featuring you tomorrow!

XO, Aimee
Unknown said…
I'm in LOVE with this chair!
What a great old chair rescue! Love your choice of burlap for the seat cover. I saw this chair featured somewhere about a week or so ago. Congrats!
Abbie said…
Featuring your fab chair makeover!

Great job!

Nursery Design said…
This is such a wonderful upgrade, you did a great job. I love the burlp and the stencil is the perfect touch.
Heather said…
I featured you today! I love your chair makeover - so pretty! Heather http://www.settingforfour.com/2013/09/8-burlap-diy-and-decor-projects.html

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