Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Weekend for Waffles n' Stuff

This weekend I decided to make waffles. I saw a recipe for Pumpkin Waffles  at Whatever Blog and decided it was time to bust the ol' waffle maker out. Do you call it a waffle maker or a waffle iron?? Regardless of what you call them, the waffles were super yummy!!! 

My coveted Anthropologie measuring spoons my husband gave to me for my birthday last year! 

Delish Blackberry Syrup!

My favorite thrift store dinner plates.

I have a thing for collecting dinner plates at thrift stores. If I see a set I like, I snatch it up and add it to my collection. That way if one gets broken it's no biggie! I recently found these polka-dot plates at the Goodwill. They are just so fun and cheery! I walked past them about 5 times before putting them in my cart. I'm really glad I did!

 I really love going to thrift stores, it's seriously one of my most favorite past times. I was in a thrift store yesterday and as I was walking outside, my dad pulled up in his car and was there to do some thrifting himself! It was awesome because we totally did not plan this, nor did he know I was there! This is not the first time something like this has happened. We're just cool like that.

The weather here is gorgeous! And you know Spring is right around the corner and that makes me so happy! Longer and warmer days are my style. (I am so not a winter girl... and yet I choose to live in MN????) Well I guess the Spring, Summer and Fall make it worth it to live in this beautiful state!

Hope you're all having a splendid weekend!


Divina Chita Brasil said...

My family love wafles! This one look delicious!
Have a nice sunday!

Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

ooh those look So good! i love waffles- my son really loves waffles. santa brought him a waffle iron that makes circus shaped waffles, and those are fun! love your dishes, too!

Shannon said...

Yumm, now I want some pumpkin waffles too! I call it a Waffle maker as well.
Love those polka dot plates, I love finding great items at thrift stores and antique stores. I feel so proud of myself when I come home with cute stuff that I got for cheap ;)

Kristina P. said...

I love waffles. We don't even have a waffle maker, though! And we bought our first blender, in 8 years, last month. We are lame.

thistlewoodfarm said...

Found your blog over at Cassie's. I have never seen blackberry syrup. Seriously. My family would love this. Where did you buy it?


Brittany said...

Those look delicious!! And I'm dying over those polka dot cute!

Megan said...

Ohhh waffles sound really good right now! Love the dishes, they are fun!!

April Lou said...

Looks amazing. I love waffles. Is you waffle maker a Caphalon? It looks just like mine. :)

Christina Main said...

Eeeeep! Cute! Love those measuring spoons! (I have a thing for measuring spoons...and aprons)...are they from Anthropologie!?!?

PS- I call it a waffle maker. HA!

Sarah Naranjo said...

yummy! i found a recipe for sweet potato pancakes last fall and absolutely love them! i bet the flavor is similar to your pumpkin waffles.

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