Wednesday, February 8, 2012

9 Months!

Little baby Bubba is 9 months old today! just three short months from the big ONE year.
I'm going to jump on the bandwagon and do a little Everett update like my cousins are doing with their kiddos.

  • Everett is constantly on the move. He crawls, stands, cruises and likes to bounce when he sits on your lap. I'm thinking he will be a very rambunctious boy when he is older. 
  • I took him to a 3 and under play area recently and I've never seen him happier. He so much wants to be a big boy and he loves to watch the older kids play. Going to the community center will be a weekly adventure. 
  • He's pretty mellow, but sometimes when he really wants something or if you take something away from him he "Hulks" out. Meaning he raises his clenched fists in the air and starts shaking them and going ARRRRRRRR! Like the Incredible Hulk. 
  • He loves to eat what we eat.  He loves Chipotle's black beans, rice and chicken. He also likes Veggie Samosas, Spaghetti & turkey meatballs, garlic & herb chicken and veggie potstickers. He is a big water drinker too!
  • His new name is Hurricane Everett. In a matter of seconds he will take a perfectly tidy and organized room and tear it apart. Nothing is safe! And everything is trashed. 
  • He's got a great sense of humor. Laughs at you when you hiccup and cry. (true story!) 
  • E is super ticklish and has a sweet little laugh! 
  • He will cuddle with you when he is not on the move and loves to give big open mouth kisses. 
  • Everett is great at taking naps now, usually around 2 a day. But he still gets up in the middle of the night. (sigh) 
  • He has pretty much gotten over his Stranger Danger, but is still shy and cautious when he first meets someone. 
  • He has no teeth yet.


Rose said...

What a great picture! Haha Hurricane Everett.

Shannon said...

What a cutie! Happy 9 months to your little one, it goes by way too fast :(

Christina Main said...

Happy 9 months!!! :)

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