Chandelier Magic!

I really want a chandelier for my dining room. But everything I look at is too expensive or not what I'm looking for.
My mom gave me one of her old brass chandeliers and I'm thinking about spray painting it...
What do you think? Maybe a bright Fuchsia or a Hot pink?

I saw this idea on Design Sponge, I love the before and after!

There are also these examples on Apartment Therapy:

There is so many things you could do to jazz up an old brass chandelier! I'm so excited to make over mine! I'll post my before and afters when I'm finished!


vmichelle said…
Awesome! I bet you are going to love it. My only random recommendations - use a primer first and then use high gloss paint. Can't wait to see how it turns out!
Oh! I bet yours will come out better than all of those. i can't wait to see it when it's done! Have fun :)
very married said…

i'd love to see the pics!
BA in English said…
i love the yellow chandelier with the accents of red and green. so cool!

on an unrelated note, thank you for continuing to read my blog! you'll be pleased to see that i'm going to post a GG recap/commentary blog for the first three episodes that have aired since it came back on the air a few weeks ago. i wholeheartedly agree that chuck's character is soooo boring these days. i mean, really? he smiled before sitting down with his long-lost mother? i don't want a chuck bass who is happy and content. i want one who is vengeful.

chuck's lack of edginess is partially made up for by the fact that nate and serena are finally together! OMGOMGOMGOMG.
MOM said…
how about doing the opposite of gold/brass how about silver?
And then you could add color to it with beads or other ornaments for the different seasons/holidays.
It would look great with all your colors
Love the vibrant colours--the blue, red and black are all gorgeous!
The Blonde Duck said…
I've been wanting a pink one with all sorts of jewels and baubles forever. I can't wait to see the pictures!
Laurie said…
I love the idea of painting it. I once did my adirondack chair in hot pink, I loved it! Although the feed back I got (from the hill) was: "What were you thinking" Umh.....I guess I was thinking... It would be pretty cool! Like I said I loved it. ~ Laurie
Erin said…
These chandeliers look really fun, all of the different colors and how they are a bit fancy but also whimsical. I look forward to seeing what you do!
I ADORE those painted chandeliers. You must do it, and you MUST post pictures. (Did you note my imperatives? It's critical.)

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