It's so sad when your childhood icons pass away...

I just learned that today Merlin Olsen, who played Jonathon Garvey on Little House on the Prairie passed away. I always thought he was the nicest man next to Charles Ingalls on that show. My dad once gave me a Merlin Olsen Pro-Football trading card! I still have it!

And of course how sad that Corey Haim died?! I think things were a little tough for him and I feel bad for the way his life turned out. So very sad. I first remember seeing him in Lucas and loving his lovable dorkiness. And then I loved him the "Corey" movies! Licenced to Drive, Lost Boys and Dream a Little Dream. I saw that movie in the theatre a few times and thought the Coreys were sooo cool!
Well anyway... so sad how his life had to end. :(


You love those celebrity death posts. Remember when I thought you were joking about MJ?
You are the only one I've seen mention Dream a Little Dream. I love you even more now. Oh, how I loved that movie. It's possible I have it on VHS and can't bring myself to give it up.

RIP, Corey. ):
Jennifer said…
I always loved Mr. Garvey in Little House. And Corey Haim's death is SO sad.
Kristina P. said…
Oh, I loved Merlin Olsen!
*MARY* said…
I always thought Nellie Olsen was the nicest person on Little House.
vmichelle said…
It is very sad. I was just having my remember Corey moment last night, remembering Lost Boys and discussing mullets.
i can't believe corey died! i didn't watch too much of him when I was a kid, but I remember who he was. it's sad :(
Sadako said…
Too much celebrity death! :(
Hi Sabrina! I'm sharing a blog award with you, so check my blog out when you have a chance :)

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