Thursday, August 6, 2009


Type "yourname loves" in Google and hit enter.

You will find all the things you love! (well kind of.)

"sabrina loves"

  • handbags.
  • Eduardo.
  • Tampa Bay.
  • him, loves him not.
  • gymnastics camp at planet gymnastics Natick.
  • her some Cowboys.
  • living in Western Mass and looks forward to the years ahead.
  • to dance on the table (she's kicked over her share of drinks and french-fries).
  • sucking on the tag of her pancake teddy - it is one of her favorite activities.
  • the "Gilbert" books so much, that she reads them to pieces.
  • all aspects of French pastry, but Sabrina's true passion is cake.
  • making your special event memorable, exciting, and fun!
  • doing all sorts of high adventure stuff as long as she is color-coordinated when doing it.
  • to cuddle and sits on her volunteer mom's shoulder while she is sitting in the chair.
  • Harvey, what is secret is that Sabrina can't tell Harvey that she's really a witch in training.
  • her toes. She giggles each time she reaches down, finds them, and places them [as she does everything else] into her mouth.

(thanks to The Yvestown Blog for the idea)



Stephanie Faris said...

Well, the first one is Stephanie Loves Girls. That's pretty disturbing! Here it is:

Stephanie Loves...

Sam's Q&A Profile
To Rave

Kristina P. said...

I would love to hear about this mysterious Eduardo!!

Heather of the EO said...

OK, I did it. And the first two answers were...

her penis

and tantric sex.

Apparently I'm a sex addict.

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