Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I have my own Statue!!!

I was just reading about this statue that was erected in my honor. It's called the Sabrina Statue and she lives at Amherst College. What an honor to have a statue named after me!
Actually this is the real story as provided by the most reliable of sources, Wikipedia...
In 1857, Amherst College accepted a gift from then Lieutenant Governor of Massachusetts, Joel Hayden – a bronze neo-classical sculpture named after Sabrina, Goddess of the Britons.
It was not long before the scantily-clad Sabrina began to attract the attention of the then all-male Amherst student-body. Around 1860, an industrious Amherst student, in the first of many Sabrina-inspired pranks, stole a set of undergarments from of one the nearby female colleges, and used them to clothe Sabrina. The college administration harshly reprimanded the student, but the next morning, Sabrina appeared with a dent in her cheek, apparently inflicted by a blow from an ax.
This first incident of chicanery inspired a series of other pranks; one student stole the statue, only to return it soon after, while on a number of other occasions, students doused Sabrina with paint.
The ensuing battle was hard on poor Sabrina. Besides the usual scheming between classes, she was dangled outside of a car and a plane, shot at in a hot pursuit, returned to the college, reclaimed, and returned once more. During World War II, she was even decapitated by a group of Williams College students (Sabrina's head was later reclaimed and reunited with her body). And so the pranks continue.

Sabrina’s Song
We may sing of our glorious college,
Of the old chapel steps and the bell,
Of the class-rooms just filled full of knowledge,
Which all Amherst men love so well.
But to-night as we're gather'd together,
Let us raise a strain loudly and strong
To her from whom naught can us sever,
To her who keeps watch o'er our throng.
Sabrina, fair, Sabrina, dear,
We raise to thee our hearty cheer,
Come fellows, all, and give a toast
To her we love, and love the most.


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Kristina P. said...

Wow! You have a nice rack!

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