Monday, January 19, 2009

Birthday Frolics

My birthday was perfect. Mellow and relaxing, yet fun and friendly. I spent the day doing a little bit of this and a little bit of that. A trip to my favorite part of Minneapolis, Linden Hills. A giant cookie at Turtle Bread Bakery and a walk around the neighborhood.

Back home in time for dinner at my favorite restaurant Babanis.
Babani's serves Kurdish food, it's really really delicious! The bread! Oh the Bread!
I had dinner with 3 of my besties... Shannon, Ellen & Kelly AKA, Tweaker, Nellen and Bangs.
During the course of our meal my phone wouldn't stop ringing, of course it was Heather of the EO. And after the 10th time she called (okay second time) I answered to find her and Kate wondering what I was up to. They were in St. Paul, we were in St. Paul. Perfect!
We finished our dinner, made a quick stop at Candy Land... and no I did not get stuck in the Molasses Swamp (that was courtesy of the smartest person I've ever worked with).
The gangs collided at Fabulous Ferns and we had Fabulous fun!

I even shot some deer with my shotgun! Bang Bang!

Thanks for the many many many many well wishes on my birthday. My phone, inbox, comments and Facebook were blowing up with greetings.

Sunday I also had a lovely birthday lunch with my family. We not only celebrated my birthday but Kyle getting his LMFT and Chris and Jen's engagement! A new crazy person to add to the mix! Go Robideaus!

P.S. Sorry I ditched your party Nori! Fake Aunt Sabro still loves you sugar!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!!

K and/or K said...

It was a fun weekend! Go Vanna!

Kristina P. said...

I'm so glad you had a great birthday! I totally wish I could have been there. It would have been so fun!

3 Bay B Chicks said...

Oh my goodness! All of my most favorite bloggers gathered in a bar. What fun! I'll just imagine my head floating around in the background of a photo or two. That should keep me happy for a while. :)


PS: If anyone can rock the embroidered dress and bring it back into fashion, it is you. Hands down!

Heather of the EO said...

What? Did I call a lot? Why yes. Of course I did. It was your birthday!!! I HAD to see you :) And I'm so glad I did.

...sensible of shoe said...

I tried to call but my cell was dead! I swear!

Bonnie said...

Happy birthday Sabrina! I know I am a couple of days late...sorry!

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