TWD~Buttery Jam Cookies (not!) AND A GIVE AWAY!!!

(those don't look like buttery jam cookies to me!)

Oooooops!!!! Have you ever got something so stuck in your head that no matter how many times you see the real thing, the thought that got stuck in your head wins!? This week for TWD I was supposed to make Buttery Jam Cookies. But instead i had it in my head for weeks that i needed to make Thumbprint cookies! I even sat at work reading the TWD website where it says BUTTERY JAM COOKIES and i still thought I was supposed to make Thumbprints. Der!
And on top of that, I thought I would be all inventive and make chocolate thumbprints with vanilla filling and Andes mints crumbled on top. I set to work, tweaking Dorie's recipe, omitting nuts and upping the flour and adding cocoa powder. Whoo whee, yum-a-riffic!

And while i took a break and headed over to the TWD website to just browse, there it was staring me in the face BUTTERY JAM COOKIES.
For real? How did I mess that up?
But then I thought, NO problemo, i can still make the buttery jam cookies. easy.
No i can not because i just used the last of the flour and sugar.
And so you say, Why doesn't she just run to the store that is 3 blocks from her house?
Because people, it is 30 degrees below zero here in Minnesota! You could lose all your appendages in seconds to frost bite. And everyone knows that appendages and mistletoe help to make the season bright.

So I resigned to sticking with my thumbprint cookies and making the best of it. Please don't shun me. I mean really, just the other day Martha Stewart was saying, I just had it in my head to make tuna noodle casserole with condensed cream of mushroom soup when all along i was supposed to make wine-poached salmon with black truffles. (see we all make mistakes)

So without further ado, here they are, Thumbprint Cookies! yay!!!!...

Have a wonderful, safe, and meaningful holiday!
Oh and if you read this far... (you like me, you really like me!) I have a give away for you! A book came into my possession that I really don't need.

Deceptively Delicious by Jessica Seinfeld.

I do not have children, and I like veggies, so I do not have to hide them in anything. But you my friend might have children or a significant other that needs a little food deception. So.....
I want to give this book away as a token of my gratitude... for you!
Just leave me a comment about one veggie you wish you could hide cause you hate it so much and a winner will be drawn on Christmas Eve.


AmyRuth said…
Hey Sabrina,
Thanks for visiting me. Merry Christmas to you too! I totally did the same thing when we were baking the chocolate muffins/cupcakes or whatever it was. I did them both. Had it stuck in my mind. Funny how the warp works. Either way your cookies look delicious. I love thumbprints. Its not that cold in Missouri but we are hovering over 10 degrees. Can't imagine 40 more uuuuuh brrrrrrr! Stay home by the fire! Thanks again for your comments.
joolee said…
I HATE cooked carrots! If it's in a mixed vegetable medley, my eyes start watering and it takes everything I have not to vomit on my plate. Great example for the kids!
Kristina P. said…
Well, they look delicious.

And for the record, my favorite cookie at the cookie exchange this year were the jam thumbprint cookies my friend made. So easy, and yet so delicious.
Shelby said…
LOL, your so cute! Of course I really, really, like you! You did a great job on your thumbrpint cookies!

P.S. Don't include me in the giveaway - there are no little children in my life. Maybe in a few years, but right now, everyone is all grown up. Well, except for Grumpy. he he.
Danielle said…
I havent made my buttery jam cookies yet maybe tonight. Your thumbprints look really good with the vanilla middle!
Veggies I hate all veggies I am not sure you can hide one without me finding it! My kids are pretty good about eating there veggies its there mom that has the problem!!
Melissa said…
Your post cracks me up! I think the thumbprint cookies look great. And I'd love that book for my son... he's a very picky eater. I hate that it's always mac and cheese or grilled cheese sandwiches that he eats every day. I'd really love to hide some brussel sprouts in there somewhere. :-)
K and/or K said…
I don't need to win this bc I am chidless and my future daughter will eat everything I put in front of her like an angel. BWAAAAAAAA!
The joke will be on me, I know!

Fun give-away!!! My girlfriends have this book and like it a lot I think!
Anonymous said…
oh nooo!! but oh YES too! sorry you accidentally made the wrong cookies...but i have to say, your thumbprints look WAY more tasty! i love the chocolate/vanilla/mint combo. mmmm.

btw, i hear you on the near-death temps. here in chicago, it's pretty brutal!
Rachel said…
You know me...I love veggies...but the only one I cannot handle is mom used to mash them with carrots to try to disguise the distinctive way...didn't work...and where I grew up you could buy turnips at every veggie stand you drove by b/c they grew so well in our Westport soil...Westport sweet turnips were served at every holiday meal...and they looked just like mashed potatoes so sometimes I would mistakenly take a bite...yuk!
Peggy said…
Merry Christmas! I think the thumbprints look so good. I know I've been known to do the same thing, get something in my head and it just won't go away.
Great give-a-way, but I do not have any young kids, so please pass to someone who does! Thanks though!!
kimberly salem said…
Lol! well, the thumbprints look awesome! :) Can't wait to try them. As for a veggie to hide, I have to say beets :)
Flourchild said…
I love your cookies..they look so pretty and tasty. I thought they turned out good.
Jeanelle Kummer said…
Your cookies look yummy!!

My least favorite veggie is lima beans. they have no taste. blah.

Hope you are well :)
Heidi said…
Here I thought you were taking a blocation because I haven't had a post from you show up on my dashboard in a while--then when you commented, I thought, well, let's go see what Sabrina is up to--and lo and behold, you have been posting all this time! Why aren't your posts showing up on my follower list on my dashboard? Aiiieeee! Technologies are hard!!!
Unknown said…
Overcooked brussel sprouts suck!

Martha Stewart did not say that.

I'm not sure what I think about that book, but maybe if I had kids I would realize its true value. :)
T with D! I only like to play hide the sausage, not hide the veggie.
I have heard of this book. Since I do not like veggies, this book might be good for me. Not sure what I think about it! I would like to hide beets.
i love how your cookies came out! i should've went ahead and made thumbprint cookies anyway. Sadly, I'm not as creative and would've had to find a good recipe out there somewhere! My friend has this cookbook and she made me some wonderful banana bread with carrot puree in it. Couldn't tell the difference. I particularly can't stand brussel sprounts. If anyone can puree that and stick it into a dish and make it taste good, I'll present him/her with a gold medal of sorts! Ha ha! Merry Christmas lady!
Heidi said…
Oops! I guess you're right--great minds do think alike! But yours doesn't get in the way of anything (talking about templates, here, ladies!)
Aquaspce said…
I really dislike green beans... can't stand the suckers.

Btw, your thumbprint cookies look so yummy, I'm gonna make them!
jodilee0123 said…
I don't need this book because all my son eats are veggies! But, I just wanted to tell you that your cookies look deliciosio!! I'm a bit behind on everything. . . but who isn't these days! Just thought I would say I'm still reading--even if I haven't been commenting lately!
Anonymous said…
I think those are absolutely gorgeous! I love the little toppings in them! I would eat those all up!
Unknown said…
I would love to know how to "hide" the green stuff. I like veggies myself, but one of my sons eschews all things green.

Lovely cookies you made! :o)

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