Friday, August 8, 2008


Just to warn you I just drank an Iced Latte, NOT DECAF. "IS THIS DECAF?" (kelly, name that person!) Anyway, I do not handle caffeine very well, so i stay away from anything caffeinated including: coffee, soda, dark chocolate, and men from Columbia.
Caffeine makes my left eye twitch. It's so annoying and i suppose if you didn't know me or didn't feel comfortable telling me, you might be drawn to my eye doing some weird spasm dance and totally not being able to focus on all the interesting stories i would be telling you.
So why am I drinking a NON DECAF Iced Latte this morning you ask? Well, It's Friday, I just got paid and I wanted to treat myself. And on top of it, I discovered this quaint little bistro style coffee shop right in my neighborhood. That is the great thing about moving to a new community, you get to find little gems right in your backyard. So if you are ever in the Robbinsdale area I would highly recommend you check out this place, it's called McCafe.

I totally stole a dinner idea from Shannon last night. "You stole it!" (that is a line we say in our family a lot!) Why? It's from a movie, Can you name it? 1980's comedy, featuring too funny guys.
Shannon was going to make Mini Meat Loafs. I like meat loaf and I like to eat mini things. To top it off, I had mini loaf pans that kelly gave me as a dink once.
(Dink: a small random gift.)
They were very tasty, although i don't have a picture to post at the moment. But when i do, you will be dazzled by cuteness. Can meatloaf be cute? I say to you: YES!

Tonight is the opening night of the Olympics! I love the summer Olympics! I think Mary Lou might take the gold! Greg Louganis is going to Rock! Go Bruce Jenner!
I'm sorry, that was the Olympics circa 1976,1984 and 1988. See what caffeine does to me!
I tend to be a bit surprised when the Olympics draws near, and you stop and think, The last one was four years ago? But for me, it goes back a little further than that. I was teaching in Beijing 6 years ago, right after Beijing got the bid to host the 2008 Olympics. You have no idea how excited\proud the Beijinians (they do not call themselves that) were. Everywhere you went there would be signs saying: Hosts of the 2008 Olympics. Even on our mattresses they printed, Olympics 2008. I remember telling all my students that I totally would be back for the 2008 Olympics. Heck, I had 6 years to prepare. I guess I just assumed that it was so far off, that of course i would be returning in 2008. Well 2008 is here, and I'm not there in Beijing. Isn't that so funny how time works... You just think you have all the time in the world. And then it just zips right by.
My dad who went to work everyday for 31 unfulfilling years at the local gas company, had a saying at his job:
Time waits for no man, and neither does the
Meter Reader.
Words of wisdom spoken by a true gas man.
"How did they know i have gas?" Name that movie. 1990's movie with 2 different funny guys.

(addition: I am getting the distinct impression that people are liking me better when i am high on caffeine. So are you saying regular Sabrina isn't good enough? Or is it like that one episode of Friends where they only like Fun Bobby when he is drinking? thanks.)


...sensible of shoe said...

Thanks for the laughs. You should drink caffeine more often, it makes you better. I must admit I have tried McCafe myself and it's not bad although not that much cheaper than unnamed gourmet places. Go Mary Lou!

heather of the EO said...

That was terrifying.
And hilarious.
I like you on caffeine.
Who wouldn't?
I reminded me of Miles on sugar.

jodilee0123 said...

I do wish caffeine had that effect on me. . . but, it is keeping me awake--at the very least. See you tomorrow!

K and/or K said...

i'm buying you a french press tomorrow!!!

and the answer to my personal quiz: yo mama...aka auntie lulu of course!

then the next answer: planes, trains, and automobiles

finally: dumb and dumber

c'mon--stump me! dare ya!

Sabrina said...

Kelly you are good! Too good. Im impressed!!!

Gracie said...

so, i like you regardless. but i like you even more because of your china heart. and your love for the olympics. u're just all shades of fun. :-)

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