Thursday, July 31, 2008

Wedding Details and What's Up with Tom Hanks and Caviar?

I was just perusing one of my favorite websites Hostess With the Mostess, when i saw the idea of all ideas, one of the things I said I HAD to have at my wedding some day; A candy bar! Ok let me say that again, A Candy Buffet...
I wouldn't want you to think that i wanted a snickers bar at my wedding. No, what i mean is a Buffet of bulk candy for guests to nibble on throughout the evening. All my favorite candies and sugar plum fairies dancing with glee. I also want a photo booth. A must! I was just talking to someone who had one at their wedding. You could go in the booth, take pictures and it would print out 2 identical sheets. One to keep and one for the guest book. I love it!
I would also like lots of caviar. But I'm sure i would have to marry into the Russian Mafia for that, and we've already done that whole mafia wedding theme once in our family.
And in case you think i don't pay attention when i watch movies. (i don't). But I have noticed that in 2 of Tom Hank's films, caviar plays a big role.
The first in BIG, when he tries caviar for the first time and spits it out all over.
The second is in You've got Mail, when he takes a big scoop of caviar and Meg Ryan's character says, "What are you doing, That's a garnish!" So then T.H. scoops up all the rest and plops it on his plate.
Why am i telling you this?
First: Because i like caviar.
Second: Because Kelly can't stand Tom Hanks.
Thirdly: I have 3 minutes until i can leave and i need to look busy.


joolee said...

LOVE IT! I'm going to steal this idea for the next big birthday bash I host. Be sure to freshen up with some clinical strength Degree before your little visit with the devil. I always break out in a cold sweat.

Ellen said...

Ali and Zach had a photo booth, and it was really cool! each strip got a separate page in a scrapbook, and then that person wrote something to A & Z beside their pics...

jodilee0123 said...

I think the candy buffet idea rocks!! Nobody really eats the food anyway!! Since you seem like one of my BFF--even though we have never met in person--you must have heard from Megan. . . . if not, check out her blog!

Lori said...

Good morning!
You can always have some of my drugs for your appointment!
Trust me-you won't remember a thing:-)

K and/or K said...

Tom Hanks--too funny to read that!You know me well.

PS: Will you special order the cheese/caramel corn Candyland mix for me and gummy tarantulas for Kyle please? Preesh.

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