Sunday, July 13, 2008

Camping in High Heels

Don't let the title fool you, i don't really camp in high heels, although this was the first time i packed high heels in my camping bag.
Shannon and i have been planning a camping trip for awhile. It so happens that there was also a wedding we were invited to in Duluth, so I had the brilliant idea to camp at Jay Cooke State Park, which is minutes away from Duluth.
So we headed out Wednesday afternoon and headed up to the camp grounds. After a forever (it seemed) drive to Jay Cooke we finally arrived, set up the tent and got some brats going on the grill.
We awoke that night to the sound of heavy rain and i even started to feel drops in the tent! WHAT! I guess we left a hatch open or something. Thankfully we stayed pretty dry overall and didn't float away.
Thursday morning we made some ham and cheese melts and then headed out for a hike through the park. We walked over the swing bridge and then hiked by the gorgeous river. How beautiful. I love nature. It started to rain again and so we headed back. And then we had an even more brilliant idea, Hmmm How about we stay out of the rain at a CASINO!

So we went to the Black Bear Casino, lost all our money and drank very yummy Bloody Marys. This is how we roll when we go camping! (and megan and kelly you said camping was lame!)
When we got back to the campsite our site was completely ravaged by a bear!!! Just kidding, I just wanted to see if you were still reading.
But the sun came out, the weather got gorgeous and it was time for some gourmet hobo dinner.
And then sitting out in the sun, reading magazines and entertaining ourselves with endless silly jokes and dorkiness that we do so well.
Dinner was more brats, (don't ask Shannon how many she ate!) and then we went to bed and froze and then... we awoke to a noise... a bear. Just kidding. Well it couldve been... something was ripping apart the garbage we (forgot) left outside. So we put on our bravest faces, and slowly peeked out of the tent, half expecting to see garbage strewn all over, and a bear waiting to eat us. Well whatever it was it only sorda ripped the bag, so we grabbed the bag, threw it on top of the car and drove it to the garbage cans. Then back to bed. Friday was cold and rainy so we sat in the tent reading and talking, until we decided to put an end to the madness and packed up. Onward to Duluth, checked into the hotel and spent the night freezing when we went to dinner, but we got to see a cool lighting storm.
Saturday, I took Shannon to Canal Park, as she had never been (the horror!) and we shopped, saw the sites and got hit on at a coffee shop. I like boys in Duluth, they are way more forward... Nice.
Saturday afternoon we went to the wedding. It was Shannon's sister-in laws sisters wedding. We had fun dancing and flirting the night away.
Crystal, our pasta-fearing friend

Shannon's bro Joe

We all danced until the dj wouldn't play just ONE MORE SONG please!! we begged... and then Shannon and i dragged our dancing selves back to the hotel... until we thought, How about Perkins! I dont know why Perkins sounded so good at 1:00 in the morning, but it did, and we ate and laughed. It was a really fun day.
Sunday we got up early and made a bee-line for home. (sorry Julie, next time!!!)
The trip was long, but it was good... Clothes for Hiking and Shoes for Dancing. The craziest packing experience of my life.
Now i am assessing all the work i have to do for the big housewarming bash. Oh my! But i will do what a i can, with what i have. And hopefully No one will judge me if i am a little less then perfect!


heather said...

I've missed you so!
Especially at K & K's. Not that it wasn't fun, it was! I loved the chicken dinner, but I missed you!

joolee said...

As long as those nice and forward Duluth boys didn't include MY HUSBAND!;) The wedding wasn't on Woodland Ave by any chance, was it? We drove by one on Sat. and I was a bit tempted to drive thru the parking lot looking for you. OK. Maybe I shouldn't have admitted that;)

k & k said...

you mentioned being cold many times. my thoughts on camping stand!

we missed you at the grill out too!

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