Saturday, February 23, 2008

Small town girl, trapped in the big city.

Time for an update, *sigh, I am still sick. :( Although, I am not as sick as I was earlier this week, I am still pretty run-down. Which is a big fat bummer (BFB!) because I was supposed to go to a concert tonight! Shannon and I got tickets to see Miranda Lamberts at Mystic Lake Casino. We even got a hotel room, so we could have fun and not have to worry about driving late at night. But alas, I am still not well enough to go. Shoot, I even got a cowgirl hat when I was in Texas that i was going to wear. I still admit to not liking country music, but there are a few country artists like Miranda Lamberts who are really fun to sing a long to. Shannon was very understanding about me not being able to go. But that still makes me sad!
For the rest of the evening i will be doing what I have been doing best, resting. I am border-line stir crazy...its strange not being around anyone for this long. So many of my friends have offered to drop by or bring me what i need... but I really don't want anyone getting my sickness, so I have declined them all. Just call me plague girl! I feel like when i get better I want to have a party! That's is how much i am missing my friends! I did leave for a tiny bit today to get some more medicine and some ice cream, purely for medicinal reasons, cause it makes my throat feel better. :0
I spied these lovely tulips, so i bought some to brighten my germ infested home.


Lori said...

Cheer up!
Did you just spend 24 hours shoveling out your volkswagon only to discover that it wasn't your volkswagon? Life could be worse:)
Get better!!!!!
I love you:)
Auntie Lori

The Kings of Lauderdale said...

Sorry to hear you missed a fun nite, that stinks...
I hope you get better soon, this has been far too long.
I love the hat, I hope you get to wear it soon. Maybe to a Trace Adkins gig...hmmm...

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