Saturday, January 12, 2008

St. Paul's Finest

Last night Ellen and i went to the heart of downtown St. Paul, which is about 1 mile from my home. I was saying to Ellen, "Downtown St. Paul is smaller and closer to me then Downtown Minneapolis, but I know my way around MPLS way better." I do know my way around DT St. P, but somehow i always get confused! Maybe Jesse Ventura was on to something when he said the roads in St. Paul were all made by drunk Irish men! Remember when he said that? So Ellen and I went and ate at my most favorite place, Babani's Kurdish Restaurant.

My roommate Holly Wood and I fell in love with this place about 7 years ago, and we can't stop raving about it. Babani's claims to be the first authentic Kurdish restaurant in America.... I believe it, how many conversations do you hear that go something like this, "Honey, how about we go eat some Kurdish food tonight!" Kurdish people are an ethnic group found in the middle east, over the years have gone through some very serious trials of anti-Kurdish ethnic cleansing. Very sad! Babani's, is a wonderful, delicious place to eat. I love the warm bread with feta, olives, cucumbers and tomatoes. The Dowjic lemon-yogurt soup, and any of the entrees are amazing!
It is the quaintest hole-in-the-wall restaurant you could ever stumble upon. I could eat there everyday!

After that, I took Ellen to another SP establishment that she had never been to, Candyland! "Isn't that a children's bored game?" she asks. Well it is, but it is also a yummmy meow candy store. They have bulk candy, chocolates and flavored popcorn! It was a great night of the local hot spots.

Here is my list of top things to do in Down Town St. Paul:

1.Sitting in the St. Paul Cathedral

2.Slice of Pizza At Cosetta's

3. A movie at the Science Museum's Omnitheatre theatre

4. Wild Game at the Xcel Energy Center

5. Musical at the Ordway

6. A walk around Rice Park

7. Dinner at Babani's

8. Treats at Candyland

9. B-3 Organ Night at the Artist's Quarters

10 Late night fries at Mickey's Diner

Sawatdee, my favorite Thai place is back in DT St. Paul!!! Hurray!


k & k said...

Babani's bread=heaven on earth!
And Sawatdee is in downtown St. Paul??!?! When are we going? No need to cross the river anymore!

mr. sensible of shoe said...

What about a coney and some foul language at the Gopher Bar??

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