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M to the Merry Mraz

I can't take credit for that title... that would be Heather of the EO. She sent me an email with a link to one my favorite performances by my boyfriend Jason. Thanks Heather.


Kristina P. said…
Ummmm, I think you and I are going to have to have a throwdown for Jason. Maybe we can just share him. :)
karen said…
He's your boyfriend too? I think mr. a-z and i need to have a talk. :P
Erin said…
What a fun song! I have only ever heard a couple of songs by him, but I can tell that I am going to have to do some more research and/or purchasing on iTunes!
K and/or K said…
I'll be waiting for the T.I. version...

Hey I'm making you a Christmas CD right now!
If you don't burn me a copy of that Christmas CD from Kelly, I'll cry.

Wait. I're welcome. I can't stand how much I love the Mraz version.

I hope I get to see you soon. sheesh, I miss ya!
joolee said…
This is the first song I ever heard by Mr. Emraz. Not THIS song right now like this very minute on your blog, just the first song of his. ????? Confused? It's quite possibly my favorite and my best:)
Danielle said…
He is a looker and he can sing to!

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