Blog Worthy Return! I Repeat, Blog Worthy Return!

I know I said I wouldn't be blogging for 2 weeks, unless something totally amazing happened. Well something totally awesome and amazing did happen! Today I received a package from my secret Elfster pal. Tuesdays With Dorie did a card exchange through Elfster and I happily decided to join in the fun. Well.... The nicest thing happened today, I received a very cool care package, and not only is it just special because I got a flippin' rad package it was from one of my FAVORITE foodie bloggers, Michelle!!!! THANKS MICHELLE! Check out her amazing cooking\baking abilities at Sweet Sensations.
Oh did she give me the goodies! Christmas Sugar Cookie Set, Fun Socks, Christmas Pot Scrubbers (she must have seen my dishes piled high!) and a really yummy smelling lotion\bath\body set!! I feel like I just have won the lottery! Awwww!!! And the really funny thing was, when she posted that she sent her Elfter package, I thought to myself, Wouldn't it be so cool if she was sending it to me! Really, I thought (and hoped) it would be me!
Michelle is the best! She also has busy days coming up with a move to Texas where she will be at Fort Bliss to serve with the 1st Armored Division AND her hubby Malu is currently serving in Iraq. Be thinking of Michelle during this time, especially during Christmas when I'm sure she will be missing Malu!
I would take a picture of all my wonderfully awesome gifts, but alas, i lent my camera to my cousin Kelly, (who is currently on a plane to Cambodia as I type this!). BUT... I'm glad she did have my camera because:
a) she doesn't have to lug around her big monster camera
b) she called me from LAX today to tell me she got her picture taken with someone totally famous and awesome!
I won't give away who it was, but when she gets back it is going to be a sweet blog post!
Also as I am snowed in today with no thoughts of going out in this crazy weather!! Ick! I got a really funny phone call from Heather of the EO laughing and giggling and inviting me out to join her and friend celebrate being snowed in at a place called Grumpy's. (Isn't it ironic, don't you think?) I'm so happy that she is able to get out of the house, have some laughs and just have silly fun! 3 cheers for Heather!
And as much as I would love to join her, i am a big baby about driving in the snow. Plus I'm still in my pajamas and it's 6:30pm! HA!
So I will watch White Christmas, eat some chocolate and smile lots cause there are such wonderful people in my life! Merry Christmas!
And thanks again Michelle!!!! Big cyber hug to you!


Whew! And I was worried you weren't going to get the package in time for Christmas! I'm so glad you like everything. I was so happy to get you and you're so much fun to shop for! Thanks for the shout out and the well wishes--it truly means so much! Enjoy everything and Merry Christmas!
i left you an award on my blog!
Danielle said…
Ok now I feel bad!! I joined the TWD CARD exchange. I only sent my person a CARD :( No one told me it was a gift exchange CRAP...
But more on the down side I havent gotten a thing from who ever got my name oh well.
I am glad you got your package *secertly wishing Michelle was my elf buddy*
Again have a super 2 weeks off!
jodilee0123 said…
Have a very Merry Christmas. . . I watched White Christmas too. It made me teary--I so love the holidays! :0) Even if I have creepy construction guys trying to get into my house while I'm hiding upstairs!
Kristina P. said…
What a fun gift package!

And I can't wait to hear all about Kelly's celebrity encounter!!
Thank you for NOT making me sound like a completely crazy person. Although I WAS at a place called GRUMPY'S while stranded! We had to have Ryan and Benjamin come and get us because the car never opened. But whatever, we had fun. We missed you. Next time we're snowed in, maybe you'll be there by some GREAT twist of fate! :)

What fun to get such a great package!

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