Sunday, November 23, 2008

Nature Chic

This is a special interruption: I just saw a preview for my mostest favorite show: LOST!!! It's back!! January 21st... 4 days after my birthday! Best Birthday Present EVAH!!!! Kate! WE HAVE TO GO BACK!!! (giddy! I am giddy with glee and mirth!)

Soooo....I spent the day today at my parent's house. I thought I was going to go out there to help them decorate for Christmas. But I realized that once I was there that I would be decorating the outside of their house. Which was just fine because it was a nice balmy 40 degrees. So sad that 40 is considered "nice" weather this time of year. But we Minne-soh-tans take anything we can get.
My mission was to take nature and create something winter magical. My folks live in the country in the middle of nowhere surrounded by nature and woods.
While out gathering near the woods... I kept thinking, Oh Edward when are you going to come and sweep me away and make me into a Vampire so I can be with you forever. (oh puke)

But instead all I stumbled upon was my friend Sterling
and then later Cinder... whose poor tongue is too big to fit in her mouth.

So back to magic the gathering of twigs and branches... I said, I can out do anything that Country Living, Cottage Living and Martha Stewart can throw at me!
My mom said, Wow, I like it! What do you call it? I didn't have to think twice:
Nature Chic


Kristina P. said...

I love Lost!!! I will need to watch a refresher episode because I can never keep anything straight.

joolee said...

I practically had a O watching that little montage of the upcoming season.

Heather of the EO said...

joolee is so naughty.

Why would she have an Oprah?

Love the window. Love that LOST is coming back. LOVE your little joke about Edward.

Rachel said...

OOooh, Sabrine...I LOVE IT! It's so perfect! I think you've found your caling. When are you coming to help me?

Bonnie said...

I have never seen an episode of LOST. Where have I been, right? :) Great job on the window box--very nature chic! :)

Danielle said...

I love what you did, you have talent now come do my house!!

...sensible of shoe said...

How did you know that wild horse's name?

Erin said...

Nature chic. I love it! Will you come and work on my house? It's a balmy 50 around here!

Mom said...

thanks for coming and helping Sabrina Stewart. You have so much talent oozing through your veins. My home looks like a beautiful cottage from the Holiday one of my favorite movies. California and England my 2 favorite places
Love you so much MOM

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