Friday, October 3, 2008

Overheard in Media Center de Superfluous

Student: Library Lady, can you help me find a book?

Me: Sure, what book are you looking for?

Student: I'm looking for a book series about girls.

Me: Have you ever heard of the Baby Sitter's Club?

Student: No, what's it about?

Me: Oh are you in for treat! It's about these really cool girls who start a babysitting club and have all sorts of adventures and lots of cute boyfriends.

Student: Cool!

Next book series recommendation: Sweet Valley High!


shannon said...

Sabrina you are amazing!! I am so stoked you recommended those books!

Heather of the EO said...

YES!!! I devoured that series. Then I got all mature and moved on to Jessica and Elizabeth. The coolest blonde twins EVER. :)

Anonymous said...

EEEEEK! I read every single one as fast as I could get back to my library when I was growing up. Aaaaahh; what terrific memories you brought back. The different handwriting from each sitter, the secret passage at Dawn's how Mary Ann wasn't allowed to say Yeah, OMG(oodness) I got ahead of myself there for a minute. Ahem. Thank you! Blessings, Whitney

Heather said...

I totally read every edition of The BSC series (including the ones where they were camp counselors and went on the cruise). I also totally loved BS Little Sister series... how awesome were those?

I'm so stoked that those are still in circulation and being recommended. I think I saw that Ann Martin still writes, she has a new series now, right?

Threaded Basil said...

I loved the babysitters club growing up. And I would sneak reading sweet valley high - my mom didn't approve. Good recommendations.

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