Thursday, August 14, 2008

Things I like to make fun of: MN Accents

How can you NOT make fun of MN accents!
Today on the CUB Foods Commercial, CUB Foods girl asked random folks this question:

What do you like to put your blueberries on?

One lady said:
I like to put them on Graah-Noh-la and Yoh-Gehrt.

I wonder if she was from Ah-Noh-Kaa?

Too funny! Good thing Blueberries aren't Spehn-dy right now.


K and/or K said...

Soooooo trooooooo,I tell ya Breeeeny.

Your Cousin With The Worst MN Accent In The Whole Entire Family and Proud Of It!

ps: In this boring land of plains we have no ocean or mountains so our crazy diction must suffice!

Jeanelle Kummer said...

Your blogs are the BEST to read!
That was hilarious!! Thanks for making my day shine. :)

hope your mouth is feeling better

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