Monday, August 11, 2008

After the Dentist Comes the Police

My dentist visit went well... I was offered Nitrous Oxide and GLADLY accepted. I had my earphones\MP3 player cranked up and I was out of it. You really do think about the weirdest things when you are a bit high. I think i solved all life's major crisis... now if i could just remember the solutions??? I have to go back in a month to get a crown on bad tooth, but this was such a positive experience, i don't mind going back.
Oh and guess who showed up at my door after the dentist? The police! Marius decided to wander far far away again. Although this time he was such a criminal the police picked him up and handcuffed him in the back seat. Ok no handcuffs, but he was in the back seat. Silly Cat.
Lady cop was nice and didn't give me any lectures about not having my cat licenced. What is this shame free week? No shaming dentists, no shaming police. This is great!
Well Marius is back home safe and sound, good thing for ID tags... Now i must go rest, I still feel funny funny funny.

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