Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Thrifting on a Tuesday

I woke up this day with a massive agenda(s)... Mow the Lawn, Weed, Make front and backyard look pretty... all before the heat kicked my butt. I mowed both front and back, weeded until my fingers bled (really they did, dang thistles and thorns!), and almost passed out from heat stoke. No, not really, I'm being dramatic.
I then had to go to the city offices to get a burning permit, I'm trying to be good citizen sabrina.

Then i went to the thrift store, my favorite one, Arc Value Village. I like it because the money you spend helps make sure my brother has fun in life. (well not just my brother, but people like my brother)
I hit mother load jackpot! All this fun stuff for under $15!

Ralph Lauren Sheet Set to make cushion covers

Shabby Chic Curtain Holdbacks

Shabby Chic Candle Holder

Pottery Barn Paper Lanterns set of 10

and I'm adding these, because i got them for so cheap at TJ Maxx,

Shabby Chic Paper Plates!

It was a productive day, I'm happy.

And Happy birthday Cousin Erin! we miss you like crazy!!!!


joolee said...

Love it! I'm sure this will be of no surprise to you, but I used incredibly similar, if not exact, ralph lauren sheets to make curtains for my camper, I also have simply shabby tie-backs, AND I also cannot resist TJ maxx's shabby chic paper goods. Unfortunately, I cannot pull off an adorable hair scarf like you.

jodilee0123 said...

We so have to go thrifting together sometime!! But, we should leave Jakob at home. . . he's not so good in the stores sometimes! I can always find something. . . it's like I can't leave without anything--ever!!

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