Sunday, July 27, 2008

Monday Already!?!

Not that it matters to me, since I'm still on vacation, but where did the weekend go?
Friday night I went to see a play with Ellen and Sarah. We saw, A Murder is Announced at the Theatre in the Round. Three hours long and I barely got antsy. It was that good. Amazing.
Watching the play brought me back to my high school\college years and flashbacks of my own theatre days. It also reminded me of all the times i would forget my lines and I had to make up new ones. Improv is so rad. I still have nightmares about forgetting my lines.

Saturday i took Shannon to my old neighborhood, Linden Hills. We went to some of my favorite places like, Victory, Turtle Bread Bakery, Rick Rack. We also went to other places like Hunt and Gather... and I introduced Shannon to Anthropologie, my mecca. We found some neat garage sales, where i scored some treasures, (you taught me well Paul).
Finds of the day:

Cupcake paper weight

Sabrina cards!

Today I just putzed around, a very lazy day. Layed in the hammock, read and napped.
Took some pictures of my favorites spoons:

And made some special snacks:

This is the last week of my vacation. After this week everything goes back to normal. Regular work hours, endless barcoding, a move back to the new and improved Media Center, workshop week and then the students arrive. Am i really going to work a full school year again? I guess so!
Wednesday of this week i could go back to work technically, or i could wait until August 4. I know what the obvious answer is, but I'm thinking about going back early. Who have a become?
My reasoning for going back to work include:
a) lots to do before school starts.
b) I don't want to use my PTO days.
c) $$$
d) I'd like my butt to resume its flat pancake look after sitting for 8 hours.
e) sunlight is not working, i think i need a good dose of fluorescent lights for a change.
f) waking up at 5:30am brings me joy.
So many good reasons to go back to work early, just the thought makes me smile. Note serious sarcasm. Anyway, Its hard to believe that July is almost over, it always does go by so quickly. Why is that? This summer has been great, especially this July vacation. Last July i was out at my parent's house everyday helping them out after the fire. Hard to believe that was a year ago. What a mess, what craziness. And yet, my parents now have their dream home because of it. Blessings in disguise i presume.
What is even better about this July compared to last July, is I am not sad. No lamenting over ended relationship with unnamed boy. And even though a year later he is getting married to someone else, I couldn't be happier. Really, my life is great, I cannot complain. It's nice to be happy again.
I can't say it enough, but i will say it again: I am blessed.


heather said...

Sabrina-smart as a whip. Garage sales are so great. I love reading about your weekends. Love the pics of the spoons, so mattlogelinesque :)

Ellen said...

I LOVE those Sabrina cards!!!!!

k and/or k said...

find me some kelly cards! or did you?

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