Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Survey Says...

First and Middle Name: Sabrina Marie
Nicknames: B, Brina, Brie, Brie-Brie, Breanie, Bean, Beena, Beaner, Sabs, Sabby, Sabro, Sabideau, Tina
Hometown: Watertown, MN
Have you ever gone skinny dipping? Yes, At summer camp
Have you ever been convicted of a crime?: crimes of passion
One pillow or two?: One
Pets: Cat named Marius
Favorite Type of Music: Yodeling
Favorite Book: We the Living by Ayn Rand and Les Miserables by Hugo
Favorite Movie: It's a Wonderful Life
Dream Car: Jeep Grand Waggoner with Wood Side Panelling
Type of Car you drive now: Subaru Legacy
Words or Phrases you overuse: Your mom
Toothpaste: Whatever is on sale
Favorite Food: Pad Thai
Crush: Chuck Bass
Piercing or tattoos?: No tats, just my ear's pierced
Most romantic thing that ever happened to you: It's a secret.
Do you get along with your parents: love them!
Favorite town to chill in: Paris
Best Trip Ever Taken: Trinidad & Tobago
Favorite Ice Cream: Pink Peppermint
Favorite Soft Drink: I don't drink soda
What's your bed time: 9:30pm weeknights, 1:00/2:00am weekends
Favorite Perfume/Cologne: Spring Fever by Origins and boys ALWAYS smell good wearing Cool Water (im old school)
Favorite Song at the moment: If It Kills Me, by Jason Mraz
Favorite Website: Blogs, it's all about the blogs
Least Favorite Subject in School: MATH!
Favorite Sport to Watch: Baseball
Most Embarrassing Moment: Sending a mean email accidentally to the person i was saying mean things about!
Loudest person you know: Myself
Craziest person you know (or silliest): Liz
Favorite Holiday: Christmas
What do you look for in the opposite sex?: if they are breathing
Favorite number: 17
Favorite color: Pink
Greatest experience in your lifetime: traveling around Europe
Why are you here on earth?: i think my mom and dad must've had intercourse
Who means the most to you?: your mom
Favorite Quote: Should=Shame=Puke

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k & k said...

you'll have to fight me for chuck

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