Friday, January 4, 2008

Time for some Love!

It is time to take down the Christmas decorations and move onto the next holiday; Valentine's Day. My place looks rather bare without the garland and the trees. But Life must go on, and so Valentine's it is.

Yesterday, Kelly and I brought some lunch over to Heather's place. It was a lovely day chatting with these great girls, talking about JUNO and life. Kelly made an awesome Thai Pizza, YUM! We also had a great time when Heather left to go pick up her son Miles at Pre-school. As she was going out the door, I heard a rather strange noise coming from little Asher. And I must admit Heather went out the door quite quickly after that, hmmmm? :) Well it turned out that Asher had a diaper blow-out, so Kelly and i set to work looking for new diaper and clothes. Team Work! Asher is such a sweet baby that it's not a big deal at all to clean up his poop!

Well my vacation is quickly coming to an end. Only three more days of freedom. Kyle asked me the other night if i was getting bored on my vacation and if I was anxious to get back to work. AS IF! I am never bored being at home, having the freedom to come and go as a please and of course staying up very late every night and sleeping in every day! What Rapture, What Joy! Me Bored? NEVER!

1 comment :

k & k said...

yeah, silly jiles. he ax's me that one in august and after 2 months off work. my answer is always
the same as yours! bored? please!

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