Tuesday, January 29, 2008

good eats...

At work today, as I am prone to do when there is a lull in library activity (and YES! the media center can be a hub of excitement!) i peruse recipes. I was looking today at the Strib for anything that caught my fancy in their Taste section. I found not one but two recipes that sounded delicious and i had all the ingredients to make both.

Shrimp, Avocado and Goat Cheese Quesadilla's I actually tweaked this recipe a little bit. I used small pita's instead of tortilla's. And the pita's are the ones without the pockets. I also did not use the Monterrey jack cheese, because the goat cheese is flavorful enough. I warmed the pita in a toaster oven... and then i just layered the goat cheese spread and then added the shrimp, avocado and bacon. I also used paprika on the shrimp when I sauteed it.


I used parsley with this one instead of cilantro and chicken stock instead of water. I also used my new hand held blender that i found for $5 in the box at a thrift store!!! (not the one pictured, but close) It was so convenient to blend the black beans and make it a little bit smoother. I used a large dollop of fat free sour cream and it was delish!

They both were delicious and warm, perfect for a cold winter's night.

Johan Santana is being traded to the Mets... just wait until I add this to my big sports edition of the blog!!!!

P.S. My favorite Goose not only celebrates her 30th birthday tomorrow, but a golden one at that!!! Happy Birthday Megan!

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k & k said...

you future blog is the only ounce of goodness i can see in this deal. thanks for that. what a sad sad thought.

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