Sunday, December 30, 2007

Snow Bunnies

Somehow between Friday and Last night, I was invited to a random party and somehow i agreed to go. Not that i am against a good ol' party, but this party was at a girl's house that i only somewhat knew from high school. Cindy assured me that it would be fun and that i should go. But as yesterday wore on, Cindy would call me with more details about the party, "Oh did I tell you that you are supposed to bring a white elephant gift?" Ahhh No. And then a few hours later, "Did I tell you that it was going to be a sledding party?" AHHH what? and No?
Nevertheless, I still thought it would be more fun than cleaning, and cleaning all day can get pretty old. So I met up with Cindy, Mike, Shannon, Jaime and John for dinner. We laughed, we laughed more, we had merriment and then we went to the party.
The party was a kitchen party, because for some reason the festivities were centralized to the kitchen, must be a Carver County thing. I didn't really recognize anyone but the host, Jen and that was only because i had seen a recent picture of her. She had quite the assortment of friends, very friendly, very (very) interesting. I wonder if more people recognized me then I them, because Jen was a few years younger than me in school. And typically you remember the people in the grades ahead of you then you do the grades below you. Case in point, I said my name, as just Sabrina, and this guy across the room goes, Sabrina R? and i said, "Yes that is me", (I not really sure who he was) and he just said, Nice. Which I am not entirely sure what "Nice" meant. Although, as we talked I realized that he is married to a sister of a friend from high school. But I also wonder if my reputation had also proceeded me? I wasn't a total rebel in school, but i surely was no saint. You wonder what people remember about you. I hope more good then bad???
We geared up to go sledding, walking an odd number of blocks to a church at the edge of town with a wicked good hill. We laughed, and sledded and watched the boys do crazy death defying tricks, and took swigs from the Santa flask filled with peppermint schnapps. Which was purely used medicinally as a way to keep warm.
I can't remember the last time i went sledding, but I had fun going down the hill with shannon and laughing and screaming. You forget how fun the simple pleasure of sitting on plastic, flying a million miles per hours down a steep snow covered hill. Man life is sweet.
We eventually, tired and frozen walked back to the house of the party, ate some snacks, told some stories and laughed harder and harder over silly things.
I also simultaneously at about midnight got a call from from my crazy kookie cousins kelly and kyle on their way to the casino. (How's that for alliteration?)
We talked about joining them down at "Mistake" Lake, but we were having so much fun, and plus it was almost time for the White Elephant gift exchange. There was a lot of really cool white elephant gifts and you would think maybe i could get one of them. I did have in my possession a 1977 Charlie's Angel's board game, but someone stole that from me. I ended up with a really weird object that i can't quite say for certain if it was what I thought it was, but I think I have an idea of the silliness factor. It was really weird. People are strange!! Hotpockets all of them!

All is well that ends well, around 1:30am I headed home, and when I got home at 2:00am I texted Kelly to see if they won the jackpot, her response was, "No, but hurray for vacation!"
I couldn't agree more!

Tomorrow is the last day of the year. I'm sure i will be in hardcore reflection mode, so be prepared for some deep thoughts from Sabrina.
Best wishes to everyone, Happy New Year!


The Kings of Lauderdale said...

sounds like fun! I should go sledding...
I still didn't finish cleaning my house.
Happy Sunday!

...sensible of shoe said...

Why do you always have so much fun? All the laughing & merriment...give it up! Stay home and clean from now on!

Lori said...

I won't EVEN touch the high school times-mine that is!!!
Sounds like a great old are you going to be on the 19th of January anyway??????
I want to be your age again:-)
Happy New Year-time to watch the Sound of Music!!!

Sabrina said...

Well Lori, you were the baby of the crazy robideau kids!!! On the 17th I will be 31! Which my friends are now telling me that I will be considered IN my 30's... I thought i already was!

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