Sunday, December 9, 2007

Oh what fun it is to...take all your money!

Ha Ha Ha..Ho Ho Ho! I will get to the title of my blog in a bit. Bear with me until then. Yesterday, as I was feeling much better, not too sniffly not to stuffy, i went to visit my parents. I spent the day hanging out with my mom and dad. My dad, all on his own purchased a ginormous tv and was so proud to show it off. He kept saying, "what do you think, is the color crystal clear or what? to which i would say, "hmmmm I don't know, it's a little on the small side, and the color is a little blurry and drab." just to tease him. The tv was a gift to themselves for the fire... they are so happy to be back in their house! Like a weight has been lifted!
We all hung out and wrapped presents and ate pizza, then me and my mom and my brother made a ginger bread house. This time though, my mom bought a kit where the house was pre-assembled, then you just decorate it. One year we bought a kit where you had to assemble the house yourself, and that was a total disaster! A wolf wouldn't need to huff and puff and blow the house down, all he would have to do is look at it funny! BOOM! So we did much better this year! We then watched ELF and laughed and had fun... what a great family I have!
After all that hoopla, I met my friend shannon at her most favorite weekend job (not really) which is a restaurant\golf course club. She was just getting off of work, so we sat at the bar and she counted her tips and we chatted about girl stuff. Soon all the patrons left, and everyone was finishing their shift, and it kinda felt like a movie, (ok fine, a low budget movie) where the staff at the restaurant lingers a little longer, the cook whips up some food, and everyone has a beer... and they talk about how the night went, as in who tipped lousy and other scandalous restaurant business stuff. It was fun to see these little exchanges... maybe i want to work at a restaurant now? maybe.
So the cook said, "Hey lets play some dice". Now, I only know one dice game, and you play that with quarters, and it can go on forever. But this was just a simple dice game of luck and chance and it's quick quick. Plus you play with 1 dollars so the kitty can grow pretty fast. I call the "pot" the "kitty", I don't know where i picked that up, but kitty it is. We played and laughed... I spied Jerry Garcia on tv, living as a hermit in canada with the owls. Shannon and I busting a gut laughing loud and long and unabashedly! They all thought we were loo-loo... I said, "You should've seen us in High School!" Well the fun part, is that I have extremely amazing beginners luck when it comes to games... happens all the time. And so therefore, I took home the whole Kitty! MEOW!
Too much fun for one night... dashing through the snow, with a lot of $1 dollar bills... over the roads I go laughing all the way home.... ha ha ho ho! Merry Christmas!
Question: if i use this $$ for the salvation army bell ringers bucket, is that bad, cause I won it gambling? hmmmmm.... But do you ever walk by the bell ringers and feel a smidgen guilty, but really you have no cash on you... and if you did, you would surely give it! I feel that way all the time... maybe this is my redeeming moment? But it is also a catch-22 at the same time. Oh, What would Kenny Rogers do?
Today is movie #3 on my Christmas viewing list, Miracle on 34th Street, the original version with Natalie Woods and Maureen O'Hare. The best part is at the end, when little natalie, keeps repeating "I believe, I believe"... I always think, and say that to God, when I want to trust Him, but it's really hard... "I believe, I believe". I DO BELIEVE!

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