Saturday, December 1, 2007

Solid Gold

Yesterday, one long day... but many good moments. After a long day at work, with the kids being extra squirrly because it was Friday, it was nice to walk out the door. I headed to Target to do some last minute food shopping for the party I was to attend. As I was loading up the cart with ingredients to make a taco dip, Kelly texted me to meet for dinner. I met the Vlach's for dinner and enjoyed a most delicious meal of Sesame Chicken. Then it was time to run home, make the taco dip and get ready for the GOLD party. As I mentioned in an early posting, my friends Sarah, Ellen & Stacy were having an open house\Golden birthday party. So the obvious theme of the night was gold, and impressively a lot of people actually wore gold, including kyle in his gold tie. I had so much fun just mixing and mingling, with old favorites and new faces. One of the funniest parts of the night was when Sarah's brother said to me, "You are Meow and Yuck right?" referring to my blog address. Later when he met my cousins, he said, "Oh you're cousins with sabrina, Meow vs. Snot!" I think we decided at the end of the night that prrrr vs. barf was the new name. Sorry folks, I'm still puke vs meow. But you can call me Superfluous!

So now it is Saturday morning, the snow is beginning to fall... I woke up to sit and eat cold Chinese leftovers, and write my Christmas cards. Truthfully, I wanted to be the first one to get mine out. However, when I went over to Kelly's house, she had hers almost done! I am falling behind! And even though I was thinking that i might be able to get mine out before she did, I came home yesterday to find my first Christmas card from Shannon! You win shanny! While I was writing out my Christmas cards, I was flipping through the channels on tv. I stopped briefly on MTV Cribs. They were at the home of 50 Cent and he was giving the tour. He went into the most beautiful kitchen I have seen. Spacious and counter space galore. Double oven and extra large range, granite counter tops and beautiful appliances. He then said, "Oh look, no one has ever used this kitchen, but truthfully, this is only 1 of 6!" I wanted to die! What i wouldn't give for 1 kitchen like the one shown! And here he is with 6... Such is life I guess. Anyway, I can whip up a pretty good meal in my tiny kitchen, so take that Curtis!

Happy beautiful day on this first day of December, let the fun begin!


Kelly and Kyle Vlach said...

"fitty" reminds me of latrell spreewell saying, "i have a family to feed" as he negotiated his millions. sheesh.
the party was fun!

The Kings of Lauderdale said...

I wanted to suggest, in honor of the party conversation, that you go with "upchuck vs. catword" for your blog.

ellen said...

i just had meself a late-night piece of chocolate chocolate chocolate cake. oh my! yum yum in my tum tum!!

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