Friday, November 2, 2007

How can it be?

On my way to meet Shannon for dinner, I stopped into some of my favorite shops in Linden Hills. I was hoping to score some Halloween decoration deals, but to my surprise, everything was CHRISTMAS! How can it be? Halloween is barely over and Thanksgiving still has a few more weeks to make an appearance. Don't get me wrong I love Christmas, love it! Everything about it, I take great delight in it. I anticipate Christmas all year long, and as it inches forward, I feel it, I really do! My mission today was Halloween, but I broke down, how could I not? At the Garden Room there was Christmas music and ornaments and Christmas cookies! I couldn't resist... So i bought one tinsy little Christmas decoration, a trinket really. But oh, it was surely calling my name... I heard it! I did! I did complete my mission though, because I went to Target and bought a Halloween bowl. Now i have to wait a year to use it. That is the down-side of after the holiday deals. The stuff you buy for the holiday itself is over and done with. So in a box it all goes.

Eventually, I did meet up with Shannon. We met at Joe Sensor's so we could gorge on waffle fries and play trivia until it was time to go to the movie. I can't reiterate enough how completely goofy we get when we are together. Nothing has changed. People look and stare because we can't stop laughing. It was the same in high school. If we had a class together, and we had many, practically everyday we would hear, "Girls, Please Stop!!", from our teachers. But oh it's not our fault, we just can't help ourselves! I pray that we are still laughing like this at 70!

So we ate waffle fries and played trivia, and for fun I wore this thing in my mouth that made my teeth light up... it was crazy and funny... pictures can't do it justice! Shannon and i eventually went and saw Dan in Real Life. I liked it a lot. Steve Carell is a keeper!

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Kelly and Kyle Vlach said...

i want it to be july again so we can go to the beach! christmas is so over-rated, other than the whole jesus being born part of course. duh.

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