Saturday, September 22, 2007

Turtle Bread brings on the Memories

Yesterday was pay day, it was also Friday and I didn't feel like fighting traffic on my way home. The thought of driving to Linden Hills and stopping at the little shops was just so appealing. Linden Hills is such a quaint area of Minneapolis, and it holds plenty of memories. When I was 22 I was a nanny for a family in LH, and the two little girls Avery & Nathalie, and their wonderful nanny Sabrina spent many days traversing through Linden Hills. There are so many great shops and lovely homes in LH that you feel like you are on a set of a movie. (oh wait, they filmed parts of Jingle All the Way in LH.) I also lived in Linden Hills for a year a few years ago, it was such a transitional part of my life and everything was so up in the air. I had just left my full time job to go back to school full time to learn the craft of Jewelry Making & Gemology.

Anyway, back to yesterday. I stopped into Victory, one of my favorite Shabby Chic stores. They had these really fun candle votives with skulls & spiders & ravens. I settled on the raven, so very Edgar Allen Poe. I then went over to my favorite bakery Turtle Bread. I had a delicious bowl of split pea soup & a baguette. Split pea soup always reminds me of my friend Rachel. Back when we used to work in the kitchen at His Mansion, we would weekly have to make soup. On one particular day Rachel was in charge of making split pea soup. And since we made all our soups from scratch, we used ingredients like split peas that start out hard, but soften as they cook. Well for some reason or another the soup was a little too thick, a lot thick... and no amount of reassuring could convince rachel that it was edible. People ate it, I thought it was good. But if you asked her today she would probably still say that it was gross! I miss my times cooking with rachel in the kitchen. Lots of laughs and adventures, which the kitchen manager never thought was amusing. I think the final nail in the coffin is when I threw a huge cheese cutter across the room at rachel. Of course it didn't hit her and it was all in fun, but i think that was the last time we ever worked in the kitchen together at the same time! so sad! We had plenty other fun adventures in New Hampshire, so much so that one day I should write a book about them all. If you've ever read or seen Anne of Green Gables, Rachel and I were the modern day version of Anne Shirley & Dianna Berry. Kindred Spirits.

So back to Turtle Bread, I enjoyed my meal and then I ate my all time favorite cookie: Peanut Butter Chocolate Chunk Cookie! Meow!

I stopped into a few more stores and just meandered around to my little hearts content. My find of the day was a set of glasses that match my dinnerware! And they were 50% off! score!
Eventually I headed over to kyle & kelly's for a light salad and good times.

Today I have something up my sleeve that will be explained tomorrow...
hint: it has something to do with food!

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