Monday, August 13, 2007

Trees Falling on Buildings

I haven't been able to blog all weekend, so I will give a re-cap of this weekends events. Friday night at about 3:30am I awoke to hear a loud thud and saw a huge flash of light outside my window. Now of course, I am waking out of a dead sleep so I completely freaked out and disorientated. I have this funny thing about me that if I wake up from a dead sleep I pretty much lose all sense of logic, and cannot think strait for a few minutes until I get my bearings. It's kinda humorous, because I really think bizarre thoughts right at that moment of waking. So anyway, at the moment of waking to a loud thud and flash of fire\light outside my window, I didn't know what to think, maybe someone was breaking in, maybe there was a fire... but really i had no clue where I was. When I finally figured it out, I realized that a huge tree had fallen on my building and with it it brought down a power line and ripped the electrical wiring out from the buildings wall. So I still do not have electricity, therefore no blog updates. I'm just thankful that the tree fell where it did, because if it would've gone the other way it would've been on my car!
Saturday was brutally hot so I left in the afternoon to go to my parents trailer to sit in air conditioning and charge my cell phone. I later got together with Shannon. We had a great night of laughing and eating yummy waffle fries at Joe Sensers. We even played trivia and it was really fun and partly because we were so obnoxious! It was rather funny that right before we went out we were deciding what to do, so we got in Shannon's car and just started to drive. I said to Shan, that 13-14 years ago, this is exactly what we used to do. Get in the car, drive around and look for something to do. I always say that life has a way of coming full circle. Nonetheless we really had a fun time and it was good for both of us to have a laugh and get our minds off of dumb things in our lives.
Sunday I spent most of the day in quiet and solitude. With no television or Internet to distract me, I had a lot of time to think and read. It was not the best day in my life, there were many things on my mind, unresolved issues and lots of questions left unanswered... Why is it when there is a problem it is easier to focus on what someone else did wrong than to really exam where you went wrong? What causes the most problems in life? Someone else's crap or your own? Or is is a combination of both? If you can't control the situation why is it so easy to try to make sense of someone else's behavior than it is to question your own motives and behavior? But at the same time, people do hurt others. Sometimes there are just situations when nothing makes sense, and maybe there is someone to blame, but to live in bitterness and frustration is not good. I choose to be strong. I choose to let go and move on. Just as I have been given grace, i must learn to give it out too...
Last night I went to visit my friend Monika's church, Woodridge Church. On Sunday nights they have a service for the younger generation called The Exchange.
It was a great night, exactly what I needed. I'm glad I went. I met some really great people, and I am looking forward to going back.
Well hopefully, my power comes on today!

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