Sunday, July 8, 2007

Like an Episode of Rescue Me...

This became the never ending weekend. Which was funny because I actually watched the NeverEnding Story with my mom this weekend. But I digress.... It was quite eventful, to say the least. I'm not sure if I should begin with today and go backwards to Friday? Well I think I will, just because today was the craziest day! Hmmmm... Lightening struck my parent's house! We were coming home from my Grandmas house and we received a call from a friend who works for the Fire Dept. So we rushed home to find a bazillion fire trucks all along our driveway!
There are so many "Thankfullys" that it it makes me want to cry! Because God was very good to us.

Thankfully the neighbors who live across the field smelled smoke and decided to see what was going on. Thankfully those same neighbors work for the fire dept. Thankfully they rushed over and called the fire dept. Thankfully our other friend Vanessa, who works for the fire dept, though on maternity leave, rushed over to our house and saved 2 dogs, 1 cat and 2 birds! Thankfully the local fire dept responded so fast and were able to contain the fire to the attic. Thankfully they were able to move all the furniture out of the house before they took down the cieling and thankfully my paren't have a huge barn to put all their stuff. Thankfully we were all together and no one was hurt! We are so grateful to all the fire departments that came out, probably about 5 different ones. They did a great job! I respect what they do sooooo much!

So it was scary, but we are ok, the animals are ok... and that is what matters... everything else can be replaced. Ahhhh... God was good to us! But then again isn't he always?

Well before the fire fiasco I was at my grandma's house. We were celebrating her birthday and my cousin Erin's birthday who just returned from Cambodia. We hardly get to see Erin so it is such a treat to have her back for awhile! My other cousin Chris just moved back from Colorado, so it was great to have my cousins back home! I made red devil cake with cream cheese frosting, and to color the cream cheese I used beet juice! It was very pretty... and it was also very pretty when Chris wore his new wig! :)

On Saturday I spent the day with my two friends from High School, Shannon and Cindy...

We went up to Cindy's cabin on Friday night after waiting for Shannon to get done with her job at the restaurant she works for. In high school the three of us were Trouble! And I can't even begin to tell about all the crazy things we did together! Back then we used to be Beaner, Tweaker & Sindy... And we were insane!
But truly, I had such a great time with Shan & Cindy at the cabin. We went out on the boat and enjoyed the hot day. I also made steaks on the grill! First time for me because usually a man makes them... but little miss independent was able to make them all by herself! And I must admit they weren't too bad! After steaks, we went swimming with our air mattress. We were complete idiots out on the water... but we laughed and it was so nice to be crazy with some great girlfriends! I love you guys!
My bad A$$ Steaks!

Well to begin my weekend... I spent most of the day on Friday with my friend Monika. We decided to get crafty and make things. Monika went for decoupaging a bench, and i did some needle pointing. Which I'm not as good as I thought I would be. But nonetheless, it was great to hang out with Monika and be completely silly!

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