Monday, December 10, 2007

I'm a big kid now!

I have a busy week ahead of me. Something every night, and a lot of cooking\baking! I was nerdalicious and planned out what i had to do every night after work in order to be on my game for the days ahead. Tonight is Bible Study, followed by grocery shopping and food prep for Tuesday night... How did I ever become so organized? It is not in my nature to be organized. I have a weekly planner, but i rarely write stuff down, I have bills to pay, and I am at the mercy of my brain to remember to pay them. I follow no rhythm, rhyme or reason and there is no method to my madness. Although this weekend, I got some dates mixed up and thought this party I was supposed to go to was on Saturday, and since i had plans I didn't go. But then I got a call on Sunday wondering if I would be at the party that night. Ooops! Instead my old roommate from my college days dropped by for a visit last night, and i still didn't make it to the party. I am not spacey, because I do have my head screwed on pretty tightly, and I am fairly grounded. I wasn't always this way. Does this mean I am mature and grown-up?
When I was little and even throughout high-school, I was always amazed at how my parents could have a conversation with anyone, including strangers. I couldn't figure out how they came up with things to say. I just had a tough time talking to adults, kids were fine, but adults, nada. So I didn't know how i would ever be an adult and make conversation with other adults. Last night was the first time I realized that I do this phenomenon all the time now, even with strangers. And then I thought, "Hey I must be an adult!" Fun!

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...sensible of shoe said...

I hate talking to strangers, I'm a kid.

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