Saturday, November 24, 2007

Christmas Cadbury Eggs???

I woke up early so I could run some errands before heading out to my parent's house. While i was at Walgreens, shopping the Christmas isle, there in the candy section was the unthinkable! A Christmas Cadbury Egg!!! You know the kind, with the egg shaped chocolate shell and the white\yellow gooey inside. The kind you can only find at Easter time! Ok, let's get one thing strait, I love Cadbury Eggs, love em' to death. But the fun thing about them, is that I can only have them once a year, thus making me want them more! And now here they are at Christmas. I just don't know how i feel about it. Maybe a little bittersweet. But now I am afraid they will start making Cadbury Eggs for all the Holidays! Then how will I be able to look forward to them? I'm nervous now. Maybe I should write the Cadbury Company a letter? I also have a little secret. My ex boyfriend, used to buy a ton of cadbury eggs for me, and hide them in his room. Then on a special occasion, he would magically present one to me. I figured he had a few saved somewhere, but not a whole drawer full. One day when i was in his room, and i'm sure if you ask him he will say I was snooping, but really I was looking for something else, and then there they were. I felt guilty for finding out his secret stash, so I never told him I knew. I'm almost certain he doesn't read this blog, but if he did happen to read this entry, sorry about finding the eggs.
I still wonder what he did with all those eggs? I hope he just threw them out, cause I don't want my eggs going to some other chick! :)


Kelly and Kyle Vlach said...

hiding eggs? aren't you looking for someone to fertilize them? :-)

The Kings of Lauderdale said...

Kelly is so bad.
When they started making peeps for every holiday I had the same feelings. I am one of the rare people who love peeps. They just aren't the same when they're pumpkin shaped.

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