Sunday, August 19, 2007

Kitchen Krazy!

Yesterday afternoon, Tabitha, Bonnie, Paula and I went to volunteer at a Family Center. I had found a place in Maplewood through Catholic Charities that serves as temporary housing for about 50 families. We went to help in the kitchen serving the dinner meal. Well we all arrived on time at 4:30 and went to the kitchen to wait for the regular volunteer cooks to show. Dinner was supposed to be served at 5:30 so we had an hour to get ready. So we sat and waited, and yet no cooks. At 5:00 I thought I had better go check at the front desk to see what was up. The lady at the front desk thought that we were the cooks for the night, and told me to just put together a meal! Wow! We immediately went to work figuring out what we were going to make. We decided on Spaghetti with meat, salad, watermelon, corn, dinner rolls and cookies. The four of us really pulled it off! Everything was ready to be served at 6:00pm. The families began to come in and we enjoyed meeting them and at the same time they were very helpful to us, especially if we forgot to put something out. Afterwards we cleaned up and were on our way. It was really a fun adventure for us all, and we agreed that we would definitely go back again! I especially loved it because it was very reminiscent of working in the kitchen in New Hampshire at His Mansion. I love the fast pace of thinking on your toes and having the challenge of making sure a large number of people get fed. I think this just really solidifies the fact that i love cooking for people and I really want to get back to working in a kitchen. In the Christian world, there is always talk of feeding people's souls, and I would agree, but at the same time, I believe wholeheartedly in feeding people's bodies.

Like our hair nets?!

1 comment :

Sarah said...

you guys actually look cute in those hair nets!

i'm so glad that God used you in your super-amazing talent of cooking to bless others!

this calls for a meeeoooww meeeeoooow!

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