Thursday, August 30, 2007

Chun Mee!!!

Yesterday after work, Shannon, Cindy, Jaime and I met for dinner at Chun Mee in Delano. Chun Mee is this little Chinese restaurant that both Shannon & Jaime worked at in High School. (Cindy and I worked at local grocery stores)... As always we had a fun time reminiscing and laughing, and trying not to laugh during Helen's pyramid scheme presentation. Helen is the owner of Chun Mee, and when she sees Shannon she always says, You not Marwied, you have no baby! But Helen is great and she even gave us her secret fried rice recipe! Chun Mee will be closing in a few years when Helen retires, so it was fun to get back there and enjoy Helen's food. (sorry, but I forgot to take pictures last night)
I have to add something else about laughing. When I was in elementary\high school I would bust out laughing all the time, everything made me laugh. The worst is when you are sitting in class and your teacher is talking, and your friends are all around you and you get the giggles, or someone says something funny. And what makes it harder is that you know that you can't laugh or you will get into trouble! SO you do everything possible to not laugh, like thinking about something boring or sad. But if for one second you even glance at your friends, and they are about to bust out laughing too... well sooner or later someone is going to lose it, and then you just can't stop laughing! That is what happened to us last night at Chun Mee! I haven't been in that situation in a long time, maybe I just don't laugh the same way I used too, maybe life isn't as humorous as it used to be. But it's nice to know, that if only for a brief moment, you can still get the giggles and no matter how hard you try, you just can't stifle the laughter!!

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