Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Haimisheh Mensch

Day 3.... I'm seriously loving this not having to go to work thing i got going on! Last summer i was between jobs and I wasn't working... but i was kinda a hermit and didn't do much and I only hung out with my boyfriend... now I am blessed with wonderful friends and fun things to do!

Last night at my small group it was fun to sit and chat and have real conversations with real people. But at the same time, I am in constantly reminded of the pain people carry around. For so many people in my life, there are hurts, sickness, pain, disappointments, loneliness, sorrow and everything else in between... I so wish and pray that there wouldn't be sadness and pain in this life. I hate to see people suffer, heck I hate to suffer... but truthfully, I find the ones who are the most compassionate, who are beautiful in character are the ones who have gone through pain. Of course it is easy to get bitter and angry with the hurt and then to get stuck in that... but for those who can embrace the hurt, are the ones who triumph the most.

When I say that God is good, I am not being cliche... or trite... The Lord is good! In every way possible... even in the midst of sorrow... He is there.

Hope, wait and trust... blessings are on the way...

Or as my friend Ellen said, "a new day, a new cupcake"....

Tomorrow is the 4th of July and I am ready to get my fireworks on!!! ooooh ahhhhh! Truly Truly Truly Outrageous!!!!

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