Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Today is the birthday of two of the coolest girls on earth!

Shannon D, and Liz P....

Shannon and I have been friends since Jr. High... we've had lots of insanely fun times including: Stalking her 500 boyfriends, skipping school, listening to Easy-E, and a crazy road trip to Osakis!!! Happy 30th Tweaker! Love Beaner!!!!

Liz and I met when we were teaching in China! Playing Peanuts for hours (including in the middle of Tianamen Square), endless touring and shopping and eating tons of Jiaozi! We also traversed through Spain, Italy and France... eating crepes to our little hearts content! And most recently a fabulous vacation to Palm Springs and Vegas!!! I can't wait to come visit Liz in San Antonio!! Yee Haw!!! Much love LEEZA!!! Love Saaaalinas!
The things you can do on top of the Arc d'Triumph!

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