Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Rooster Lives!

I always know when the temperature gets really cold out, because my car makes the "rooster" noise. It is this strange phenomenon that happens when the temp dips into the teens and below. You would have to hear the noise, but it really sounds like a like a rooster crossed with a tea kettle. I think it's a fan that must get cold and then when I'm going down the road it gets really loud. I've had this car for 4 years, and the first time it happened i was really freaked out. Now, I just use it as a gage for the weather. Whoooooo Whooooo Whooooo...
Well my place is officially decorated for Christmas\Hanukkah... I have my 3 Christmas trees up and my menorah waiting to be lit. I found this fabulous electric menorah at Target last year with flickering blue bulbs.
This year I actually scaled down my decorating. I know, you are thinking, but she said she has 3 trees! Bear in mind that they are all under 4 feet tall. I did find a pink Christmas tree at Micheal's, because I wanted to copy this tree I saw on the cover of Blueprint magazine.
Can it be that Christmas is 29 days away? I am planning my time wisely. There are parties to go to, cookies to bake, presents to be wrapped, and church to attend. I love going to church during the Christmas season. Not because I feel that much more spiritual at Christmas time, but it's just a pleasant reminder of what Christmas is about. It is going to be a busy month. Why is there something magical about Christmas? Is there such thing as a Christmas Miracle? I believe.
I also believe in traveling. My dear silly friend Liz is getting married in February and I am going down to San Antonio TEXAS for the wedding. Liz and I met while we were teaching at the same school in China. We quickly hit it off and enjoyed crazy adventures amidst the streets of Beijing. The next year Liz and I travelled throughout Europe, having even more crazy adventures. I will have to post some funny pics of us eating the Eiffel Tower! it's funny. she is funny. we are funny together. Anyway, I need to book my ticket soon.... I have never been to Texas, so this will be BIG! Isn't everything BIGGER in TEXAS?

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